Quality Terms And Conditions



This document establishes requirements applicable to items ordered under the Purchase Order of which this form is a part to assure that such items are of the required quality and reliability. It contains general requirements for product assurance, which are applicable unless expressly excluded in the Purchase Order.


2.1 Supplier’s Quality Management System is subject to initial survey and approval by MPC Industries. Surveys or audits may be conducted before or after the release of a purchase order. The supplier shall be notified of deficiencies and shall follow-up and ensure that deficiencies are promptly corrected. Corrective actions shall be subject to review and approval by MPC Industries Quality Assurance. Subsequent surveillance or periodic review of the system

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may be performed as deemed appropriate for the items being purchased.

Materials, procedures, processes and equipment used to produce supplies; are subject for approval by MPC Industries.

2.3 Personnel performing special processes must be qualified and/or certified per applicable specifications.

2.4 Suppliers shall have a Quality Management System in place.

2.5 Supplier must provide a Certificate of Conformance that identifies any applicable issues of specifications, drawings, process requirements, inspection instructions or other relevant information.

2.6 Supplier shall perform a 100% inspection of product. Supplier is required to notify MPC Industries of any other inspection methods for written approval.

2.7 Supplier shall perform and submit a First Article inspection report that will comply with any potential areas of concern by MPC QA, when required by MPC Industries.

2.8 Supplier is required to notify MPC Industries of non-conforming product and establish arrangements for MPC industries approval and/or acceptance of any non-conforming product.

2.9 Supplier is required to notify MPC Industries of changes in product and/or process definition that may affect quality, and should wait for MPC Industries written approval.

2.10 Supplier shall provide right of access to MPC Industries and/or MPC Industries’ Customer and regulatory authorities to applicable areas of all facilities, at any level of the supply chain, involved in the process of the order and to all applicable records.

2.11 Supplier is required to maintain records identified and maintained properly, to assure protection from reasonable anticipated hazards in a manner which allows retrieval and access to these records, for a minimum of 7 years.

2.12 Supplier is required to flow down all requirements on purchasing documents to sub-tier suppliers.

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