“PMG is positioned and structured to support your strategic and supply chain goals...

Our AS and ISO certifications along with our Lean Manufacturing activity have helped us fine tune our processes so that our performance is in alignment with Aerospace supply chain requirements”- Mario Robles, CEO

Flat Sheet Grinding
Capable of grinding materials as large as 65X240 inche
Perform precision grinding on all types of metal alloys
Plate Grinding
Capable of grinding up to 6 inch thick plates and down to 008 with a lerance of +/-001
Customized RMS finishes available
  • Precision Metal Grinding Specializes in Polishing of Aircraft Quality Clad Aluminum sheet and Formed Parts to Aerospace Specifications as well as Precision Grinding of all Plate and Flat Sheet Alloys.
  • PMG has earned certification approval from most OEM and Tier-1 companies.
  • PMG is AS9100 and ISO 9001 certified and has a robust Lean Manufacturing System in Place.
  • We are a World Class Company that performs your work quickly and efficiently, while meeting your myriad of processes and specification requirements.
  • We will manage any required Quality documentation and provide reliable and accurate logistical support in any manner or form required.
  • Let PMG work with you as a supply chain partner … with PMG, you will have a capable and reliable partner!
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